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Hooping is a great whole body exercise for children and adults too! Take a look around this page to see what exciting sessions are on offer from schools classes to hoop fitness workouts to birthday parties and much more. Let's spread the hoop joy!

It took me a few weeks to pluck up the courage to join this class only because I knew I would not be able to hoop..but in the first 5 minutes of the class I was laughing so much, it is a brilliant way to get fit and have fun in such a amazing friendly atmosphere. I have been to the class 3 times on a Monday lunchtime at Adrenaline and even purchased a hoop to practice. It is the best class for all ages and abilities LOVE IT!!!!!


Is Hooping for me?




YES! Hooping is for everyone! It has so many incredible benefits and once you start

spinning you'll be hooked. Here are some of my favourite reasons to hula hoop:

-  It's fun workout which strengthens your core and whole body

-  It gives you a great cardio workout and you can burn up to 210 calories in 30 mins

-  It helps nourish you physically, socially, emotionally and builds on spiritual development

- It improve your posture, flexibility and co ordination 

- It fosters self esteem, boosts confidence, self-empowerment and overall happiness

-  It allows you to express yourself through creative dance and movement

- It encourages you to embrace your awesomeness

-  It allows you time to play and reconnect with your inner child!

Instructor & Founder 

Laura is the Founder and Instructor at The Valley Hoopers. She started her hoop journey when a friend called Lucy posted on facebook about Hoop Classes. She had no idea what hooping was at the time but little did she know this moment would change her life forever. Lucy became her Hoop Mama and hooping became a part of her everyday life and she would carry her hoops around like they were her babies!!

Soon after her first encounter with hooping she left the UK for the sunny Dubai where she could not find any hooper's. This was a sad moment for her so she began to search the internet for fellow hooper's. After months and months of trying to find hooper's she discovered a newly founded group called Flowground where she became one of the new teachers. Here she gained her Hoop Teacher Certificate and taught many adults and children how to hoop. This was the perfect way for her to spread joy and happiness through using the hula hoop. She has also attended workshops by Lisa Lotties, Tiana Zoumer, Babz, Jennifer Wilson, Gail O'Brien and Emma Kenna making her a skilled hooper in her own rights.

Laura says "Hooping is somewhere I can be myself . It is a time where I can forget about what's going on in my daily life and I can be present and in the moment. The hoop allows me to play which brings out my creative side. The hoop energizes me, lifts my mood, helps me to release stress and makes me feel empowered. It is hard to write in words how much happiness a simple plastic hoop has brought into my life."



Hoop for fun, Hoop for fitness, Hoop to feel fabulous!


The Valley Hooper's was founded in 2016 and has since been sharing the love of the hula hoop with people in the community.

Hooping is not just for children, it's for everyone! Not only is it great for fitness but for well being too. From improving your posture and core strength to lifting your mood and releasing your inner child, the hoop is good for the mind, body and soul! So if you are up for a laugh and fancy giving the hoop a spin, then this is the place for you.


Whether you are a complete beginner or you been hooping for years, we have a different classes to choose from. We have classes for fitness and some for learning cool hoop tricks. We provide classes for adults, teens, children and we host Hoop Well Being workshops for schools and organisations.


Our mission is to share the happiness and joy that the hula hoop brings.


Things go grey when we forget how to play

"Play is the vital essence of life. it is what makes life lively"

Dr Stuart Brown

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